Arsenal lost points in the Premier League title battle despite Ramsdale's late point save against Liverpool.

It seems fitting that no definitive conclusions can be formed from this chilly, perplexing 2-2 draw, one in which Liverpool spent 35 minutes pensively saying goodbye to life at the pinnacle of Premier League football before a second act of their brilliance.

Trent Alexander-Arnold was this game in microcosm, starting with an extraordinarily awkward performance by the full-back who has been favouring playing as a midfielder lately.

Alexander-Arnold struck the decisive blow in this match by doing what he does best, despite the fact that he was not Oleksandr Zinchenko.

He was lethal on the front foot, by far his strongest position, flicking the ball through Zinchenko's legs as the right-back sprinted down the right side.

He had ice in his veins in the heat of the moment, seeing Roberto Firmino at the back post and lofting the ball in his direction.

With an 11th goal against the Gunners in their most recent encounter, their former rival dealt them the cruellest blow yet and sliced their advantage to six points despite having played one more game than City.

Arsenal should have lost a game that may have already started to slip away from them in the nine minutes that followed. Gabriel received a nasty deflection from Mohamed Salah's bending shot.

Somehow Ramsdale managed to grab a hold of it. Ibrahima Konate, who was outstanding in the second half, somehow managed to avoid scuffling with the ball as it was flicked on by Darwin Nunez.

An hour earlier, such situations were unthinkable. Arsenal had been dominating, forcing Liverpool into one-on-one battles where they were always the superior team.