The unusual moniker Guns N Roses was established by merging two bands. Guns N Roses was founded when Hollywood Rose and L.A. Guns merged.

Two names were considered for Guns N Roses before choosing it. The names were AIDS and Amazon Heads. Thank goodness they didn't choose AIDS!

Guns N Roses has changed lineup 22 times since 1985! In the beginning, Axl Rose sang, Slash played guitar, Duff McKagan played bass, and Steven Adl played drums.

Do you know that Axl Rose was so broke before joining Guns N Roses that he joined a UCLA medical study and smoked cigarettes for $8?

Early in their career, Guns N Roses lived in LA. Their modest apartment was called Hell House because they used drugs, girlfriends, alcohol, etc.

Slash, the former lead guitarist of Saul Hudson, had unusual pets. He owned over 20 snakes!

Due to heavy drinking, bassist Duff McKagan's pancreatic exploded in 1994. This encounter sobered him, and he now drinks exclusively non-alcoholic beer.

Many shots were fired at the Guns N Roses mansion without real guns. According to the band, everyone had fired someone and been dismissed on occasion.

Karen Jane McNeil, Axl Rose's stalker, was relentless, sources say. She even claimed to communicate telepathically with Axl Rose.

“You could be mine” from Terminator Judgment Day was originally planned for Appetite for Destruction. Later, Geffen Records opted not to use it on the album.