The actor Jeremy Renner revealed his tough recuperation in an interview with ABC News after suffering more than 30 broken bones as a result of being run over by a 14,000-pound plough in January.


In a television interview on Thursday night, actor Jeremy Renner, who suffered serious injuries on January 1 when a large snow plough ran over him, claimed that the vehicle hit him as he was attempting to save his nephew, causing more than 30 of his bones to be broken and upending his life.


On January 1, Mr. Renner was using his snow plough to tow his automobile on a snow-covered, private road close to his Reno house. The car's driver, a family member, got stuck.


Mr. Renner got off the plough once they had successfully towed the car, and it then started to roll. When Mr. Renner attempted to reenter the plough's driver's seat to halt the moving machine, the plough ran him over.


He claimed that there was no snow to soften the hit in any way. His legs, toes, and chest were crushed by the machine. Even one of his eyes had extensive damage and was protruding from its socket.


Mr. Renner struggled to fully capture the extent of the pain, saying that “it felt like someone took the wind out of you” and that it had seemed as if his soul was in agony.


The nephew located a neighbour and requested assistance. 911 was dialled by that neighbour.Gusty winds eventually abated long enough for a helicopter to land close to the scene of the accident and transport Mr. Renner to a hospital.


There, Mr. Renner and his family discovered the full extent of his wounds: a collapsed lung; numerous shattered bones, including eight ribs; his right knee, ankle, and shoulder; and a rib bone punctured his liver.


Metal was used to reconstruct his ribcage. Metal plates were used to rejoin his eye socket. In addition, screws and a titanium rod were inserted into his leg.


Mr. Renner is starting to acquire enough strength to walk with a cane around 10 weeks after the injury. Mr. Renner responded, "I see a lucky man," when asked in the interview if he recognises his own face in the mirror.