Freshman Democrat Justin Jones has been restored to his position in the Tennessee House thanks to a unanimous decision by Nashville's Metro Council.

Following the killing at Covenant School, Jones organised and led rallies for gun control on the floor of the GOP-controlled legislature, which resulted in his expulsion last week.

The vote puts Jones into the seat on an interim basis until a special election can be held for the seat.

Following the council vote, Jones went back to the Tennessee state capital where he was sworn back in before a sea of reporters and fans.

He then returned to the House chamber with Knoxville state representative Gloria Johnson, who just barely avoided expulsion last week.

According to Metro Council regulations, members are typically required to wait four weeks before filling legislative vacancies. To stop a suspension of the rules, just two members would have needed to disagree. If it had occurred, Jones' reelection might have occurred after Tennessee's legislative session had ended.

Council Member Sandra Sepulveda stated, "I know that community members contacted and emailed us, and I think they did a tremendous job since we didn't have a single opposition to suspension of the regulations today.

At least 30 council members issued remarks in advance of the meeting stating they intended to vote Jones back into the District 52 seat. To reclaim the position, he required a simple majority of the 40-member council.

While all is going on, Shelby County commissioners will meet on Wednesday to talk about re-electing fellow Democratic Rep. Justin Pearson.

Black leaders have criticised the removal of the two young Black parliamentarians, calling it racist and hypocritical. Johnson is the only one of the three who is white and managed to avoid expulsion.