When Nirvana was rising, Metallica sent a fax saying, “We really dig Nirvana. The best album of the year is Nevermind. Metallica, meet soon. PS: Lars hates the band.”

Due of his severe stage fright, Kurt frequently vomited before performances

Before their 1992 gig in Adelaide's Thebarton Theatre, Kurt and Dave Grohl created a doodle on the wall of the Green Room.

At one point, Kurt was so close to signing up for the Navy that he even met with a recruiter.

Heroin was initially used by Cobain as a means of relieving his persistent stomach ache.

'It's better to burn out than to fade away,' Kurt quotes from Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My" in his suicide note.

Kurt said being number one was like being number 16 except more people kicked your ass.

The couple spent $80,000 on personal costs, $380,000 on taxes, and $300,000 on a Carnation house in 1992, according to Cobain.

Cobain and Courtney Love spent a million dollars in 1992: $80,000 on personal costs, $380,000 on taxes, $300,000 on a Carnation, Washington house, and the rest on physicians and lawyers. “That’s not very much,” Cobain concluded. That's not what Axl [Rose] spends a year.

Kurt despised "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to the point that he would purposefully butcher it whenever he played it live.