According to a statement from Australian broadcaster Network 10, "MasterChef Australia" host Jock Zonfrillo died suddenly at the age of 46 on the eve of the cooking show's new series.

According to the announcement, the Scottish presenter died on Sunday in Melbourne, with no cause of death given.

Zonfrillo entered the popular cooking competition in 2019 and was set to appear in the new series debut on Monday alongside guest judge British chef Jamie Oliver.

Zonfrillo, who was born in Glasgow in 1976, learned his art from some of the world's most recognised chefs.

His culinary career began in the United Kingdom, where he worked under chef Marco Pierre White, whom he later credited with saving his life.

According to his memoir "Last Shot," which was published last year, Zonfrillo used heroin as a youngster in Glasgow, and drug addiction dogged him for years while he built on his early success.

In 1999, Zonfrillo emigrated to Australia and took the position of head chef at Restaurant 41 in Sydney.

He later opened his own fine dining facility in Adelaide, Restaurant Orana, which won culinary awards in 2019 and 2020 before its closure.

He hosted several cooking shows, including "Nomad Chef," which featured cuisine from some of the world's most isolated villages, as well as "Restaurant Revolution" and "Chef Exchange."

In 2016, he established The Orana Foundation, with the goal of highlighting the benefits of Indigenous food in Australia. In 2018, he was awarded the coveted Basque Culinary World Prize for defending Indigenous culture and culinary traditions.

But his most well-known appearance was on the wildly popular Australian television series "MasterChef," which in recent years helped establish him as a household name in the nation.