Mickelson, who withdrew from the Masters Tournament the previous year after receiving criticism for joining LIV Golf, gained some fans' forgiveness by placing in a tie for second.

Phil Mickelson made his 30th appearance at the Masters Tournament on Thursday, and his introduction on the first tee was met with quiet, halting ovation.

During the first round, everyone on the renegade, Saudi-supported LIV Golf circuit was treated fairly equally. Just not welcomed, not ostracised.

On Thursday, as Mickelson walked down the first fairway, he was surrounded by a group of spectators who were practically silent. It was a kind of the silent treatment.

In the 2023 Masters' final round, late on Sunday afternoon, Mickelson made a twisting, downhill putt for a birdie while pumping his left fist twice as he walked to recover the ball.

The throngs of admirers encircling the green were on their feet cheering him on, so whatever he was saying to himself was inaudible. Phil was soon being chanted among the audience.

Mickelson, who would tie for second place with a score of eight under par, waved to the spectators and grinned widely, probably better than anyone else knowing how much had changed in just four days.

The three-time Masters champion Mickelson was now receiving frenzied cheers after playing his greatest final round ever in the competition.

Jordan Spieth, who was his playing partner on Sunday, said this after the round: "It felt very much like eight, nine, or ten years ago."

With a score of 66 to Mickelson's 65 on Sunday, Spieth also performed well and got a taste of what it was like to play with Mickelson in the past.