Sheinelle, a devoted Jackson fan, joined the Grammy winner on stage as a backup dancer on April 16 during the first weekend of the singer's "Together Again" tour at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.

When Sheinelle Jones got to perform with Janet Jackson, her childhood idol, she was unable to "Control" her excitement.

Sheinelle remarked live on TODAY on April 17: "If this is a dream, please just don't wake me." She continued, "It was truly magical."

"I didn't need to be asked twice. I will go that platform in a few hours and live my best life," Sheinelle declared prior to the performance.

Sheinelle had only a few hours to master the movements before performing them during the encore of Michael Jackson's song "Together Again."

Sheinelle spent two hours in her room practising the routine in order to "nail it," as she put it, because she was so keen to do so.

The next thing she knew, she was dancing with Janet Jackson. "All of a sudden, my nerves just melted away, and I just embraced the magic of the moment," she said.

Sheinelle danced in front of everyone while beaming a dazzling smile.

When she exited the platform, she remarked, "It was surreal, one of the best days of my life."

Jackson invited Sheinelle to perform with her in concert back in December when the singer came on TODAY.