He quit school to focus on music.

Travis Scott might not be where he is now if it weren't for Kanye. Ye put Scott on his record label, GOOD Music label, which has helped Scott's business a lot.

Travis Scott's brief relationship with Rihanna is one of his biggest scandals. Their relationship is generally unclear, however several sites and newspapers have theorised.

Travis Scott has been playing the drums since he was three years old. Then, for a few years, he played the piano.

Travis Scott had trouble finding a record label. Thus, in 2011, he revealed that his first release would be Owl Pharaoh, an EP that would become a full-length mixtape after Kanye West discovered him.

Travis Scott and some mates founded The Graduates at 16. The band disbanded two years later when the rapper went to college.

Travis Scott is willing to do virtually everything for a meaningful love moment with Kylie Jenner. One birthday, the rapper booked an orchestra to surprise Kylie with a show.

He thinks genres are irrelevant. Travis Scott denies becoming a rapper despite media attention. He does this because he believes his music can transcend genres and doesn't want to be limited.

The Billboard top 10 included “Sicko Mode” for over 30 weeks. “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X broke this record.

He Changed Cities for Success. Travis Scott failed to begin his music career in New York City despite his best efforts. He tried moving to Los Angeles, where he was caught sleeping on couches and playing at local clubs.