At their two-room home in East Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis was born roughly 35 minutes after the stillbirth of his twin brother Jesse Garon.

Despite being a worldwide musical phenomenon, Elvis never gave a live performance outside of North America; in 1957, he played mostly in the US and a small amount of Canada.

There has been significant speculation that Elvis never performed abroad because his manager Colonel Tom Parker, an illegal immigrant, was afraid he would be sent away from the nation if he tried to return.

In 1964, Elvis paid $55,000 to acquire Franklin Delano Roosevelt's former presidential yacht, The Potomac.

His first significant theatrical appearance was on "The Milton Berle Show" in June 1956, when he sang his hallmark hit, "Hound Dog."

On "The Milton Berle Show" in June 1956, he had his first large theatrical engagement and performed his signature song, "Hound Dog."

Following his divorce from Priscilla in 1972, Elvis became quite the ladies' man, inviting women over to Graceland. One account claims that he had 152 women over in one evening.

Elvis paid just $100,000 for his Graceland home in Memphis when he first began his career there in 1957.

Elvis created his first record as a present for his mother when he was only 18 years old.

Despite having naturally medium brown skin, he actually has jet black hair that is dyed that color.