In an effort to increase demand, Tesla cut prices once more in the United States.

The auto manufacturer reduced prices by 2% to almost 6%, with the most significant reductions occurring on Tesla's more expensive Model S and Model X vehicles.

The price reductions follow Tesla's announcement that it delivered a record-breaking 422,875 vehicles globally in its first quarter following earlier rounds of pricing reductions.

Early in March, Tesla reduced the costs of its Model S and Model X sedans. And in January, Tesla cut prices in the United States by as much as 20%.

Tesla reduced the cost of its Model S and Model X vehicles, which are selling at a slower rate, by $5,000 to $84,990 and $94,990, respectively. The automaker reduced the pricing of the vehicles by 4% to 9% last month.

The company also reduced the price of the Model 3 and Model Y, which are more inexpensive, by $1,000 and $2,000, respectively.

Current price of  – Model S: $84,990  – Model S Plaid: $104,990

Current price of – Model 3: $41,990 – Model 3 Performance: $52,990

Current price of – Model X: $94,990 – Model X Plaid: $104,990

Current price of – Model Y Long Range: $52,990  – Model Y Performance: $56,990