Attorneys representing NFL legend Tom Brady have threatened to file a lawsuit against comedians Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen if they do not remove an AI-generated comedy special that impersonates Brady.

An AI version of Brady performed stand-up and cracked crude jokes throughout the hour-long special, "It's Too Easy! A Simulated Hour-Long Comedy Special."

Brady's attorneys asserted in the cease-and-desist letter that the special "blatantly violated" the rights of  his client.

The cease-and-desist letter threatened legal action against the podcast's hosts unless they took down the video they had uploaded to their Patreon page.

The duo agreed, but not before raising concerns on their podcast and pointing out that the Brady impersonation by the AI was obviously sarcastic in tone and comparable to celebrity impersonations on sketch comedy shows.

Brady is the topic of a Netflix roast special that was announced in May, which is an interesting indication that he doesn't mind when others make fun of him in that setting.

As artificial intelligence becomes more widely available and accepted, lawsuits involving AI-generated video and images are starting to increase.

The majority of them so far have to do with copyright laws being broken when AI technologies use online artwork that has been scraped without the artist's consent to create content.

Brady's case, however, involved the unauthorised exploitation of a celebrity's likeness by artificial intelligence.

Even before the development of AI, lawsuits involving celebrity likenesses were widespread.After the video was removed, the Brady episode seems to be gone, but it may have opened the door for future problems.